and so it begins

A recommendation came from Bu a couple of days ago to create a blog to follow myself through DMD. And after my day which I will only describe with the theme of procrastination I’ve got to 20:36 and thought it may be a good idea. The aim; to give me some incentive and to actually see my thought in front of me instead of ranting them to my house mate George and the words floating around the house increasing my current “I don’t give a shit” attitude, feeding the devil on my shoulder.

So here it is, my first blog 06/10/2013 and I’ll be completely honest; within the first 5 seconds of me starting this I’ve persuaded Samantha (she’s blonde) to do the work for me, but I quote from her “I’ll do it …. But it wont be any good!”. Honestly I do see the sarcasm in her words, I’m just trying to get back into that frame of mind which I left behind a year ago at Esher College.



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