Media Histories

Today started with my usual 2 hour media lecture. This is when all media students from every approach joins together in kg01 (250 people) and listens to a Media Theory based lecture. 

Developing Arguments – Lecture 2: Media Histories

Each media subject had a specific 10 minute lecture each, spoken from one tutor based in each stood out the most compared to all the others. This was Liam Birtles; my DMD specific subject tutor, this wasn’t due to me being bias because he is my tutor, he genuinely was far more engaging then any of the other lecturers. I learnt more in his (to be approximate) 6 minutes on the floor then the other 114 minutes spent in kg01. His immediate enthusiasm hit, first order of business from him was a request; everyone to take out their phones and record him. He continued…

 “There isn’t actually a digital media history, it actually hasn’t happened or finished forming” – Liam Birtles

 We had just spent the past hour being lectured on Media Histories and here he is; telling us that he believes “it hasn’t happened..” Immediately he has got the students attention. 


 The purpose of everyone forming together to record him is to create a piece of digital media history because at that specific time of pressing the record button the creation begins. 


This piece of recording is going in to a digital medium, it is being placed into a digital pot..currently at that time it would stay locally on the device, but it is part of a forming digital media history, when it gets uploaded later on, onto another device it beings it’s journey. Even right now as I write I am telling the history of how we created this digital media.


Doing this process of recording, I can take a step back and actually look at the components which make digital media history; my mobile phone. Medium defined by tools.


Digital media has a legacy of filming. History implies time… When did digital media history start? We look back and explain about the tools used and the mediums, but with digital media the tools are changing all the time, there is no point of status. The way technology has performed in the past five years is ecstatic; we are using touch screens now which five years ago just wasn’t possible. That is the tools and the medium being redefined as we go, making time, but when is the history happening? An explanation; looking at a video going a million frames per second. When did the history happen? 

An inspiring development to my thoughts has transpired, this is through a new outlook on time. Using a camera to record we are given an ability to control time. Talking to a camera lenses you are given the power to say hello to the future; the people who will watch the recording. Even when you are looking at the recording in the future that is yourself looking into the past, travelling back through time to see what happened again and again. The way technology has developed has allowed us to even slow down time; Liam bought up ‘The Matrix’ the bullet time scene…

This is a key example of the excess advances in technology allowing no time for status, the question is; How far could this go? Maybe I’ve found myself an essay….



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