Appealing to a Younger Audience

Straight in; the four of us had to make sure the idea we where to develop appealed to a Younger Audience, but still kept the parents interested.

Something which came to mind was a Tomagotchi; an incredibly popular 90’s digital experience, where users where guardian of a personalised pet avatar. Feeding and looking after your pet, you where also allowed to interact with your friends tomagotchi’s.


Our thought process took the direction of children having their own pets (ironic! I know).

Having a product similar this results in a few issues, things including purchases of such products to hand to visitors of the Zoo and it would be best to have any product which can be used upon leaving to Zoo; enticing families to return.

Technology has developed immensely from the 90’s; (obviously) games like this are developed and played as Applications on Smart Phones, our  interactive digital experience should be created to work on Phones.


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