Bristol Zoo (The Brief)

Coursework Assignment Brief 2013-14
Digital Media Design Level C
Concept and Ideation
Title of Brief: Concept brief 1
This assignment is not formally

Bristol Zoo have a website ( and good overall rate of visitors.
However they want to add new digital experiences to keep regular visitors engaged and to add
new ones.
Working in small groups, your brief is to design a digital user experience that:
• Utilises the Zoo’s archive collection of photos and associated facts from its past 176 years.
• engages users and facilitates new kinds of interaction.
• Makes the heritage sector relevant by using new technology.
• Maximises locative aspects (ie from mobile smart phone access – to onsite installation)
• !Appeals to an audience of young families: (children 5-12 and their parents), visitors to Bristol
Zoo, !animal lovers.

Presentation Criteria:
• Level of innovation, creative thought, and idea development
• Group coherence in presentation
• Ability to express ideas using a range of media and within a specified time limit

The group are required to express their concept in a short ‘stand-up’ presentation. (Projection,
software, and internet all available).

Your Group Seminar on Tuesday 15th October 2012


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