First Meeting (channel project)

Something had been bought to our attention, we where the smallest group out of all the seminar classes; everyone else grossing  6-7 members their where only 4 of us.. we could look at this in a pessimistic front or we could see this as an opportunity; an opportunity to show what we are capable.  Meaning we had to be on top of the game, getting everything done a head of schedule so we didn’t fall behind.

Clear topic decision was 3d Printing 3d Printing is described is the next generation of potential technology, where could this be in 10 Years; Currently being able to generate from tea cups to guns how fair could this go? Could we be using Star Trek like replicaters to create a fresh cup of tea?

Instead of creating a fiction piece of technology, we have decided to take a real life piece of equipment and travel 10 years into the future and create what it could become.

Dividing what we want to develop we thought that 3 videos would be ideal for what we want show, which is different aspects of 3d Printing. Working from a review bases we  thought we could show different points of view to a higher standard.

The Good

The Bad 

The Change

On average each video would be 2 minutes long.

The Good

Food/World Hunger

A 3d Printer which can create food through a use of  “CCC” ‘Chemical Combination Compounding’ , helping fight the battle against world hunger and leading to the end of the famine.

The Bad


3d Printing has been taken to a whole new level of bad, terrorist have developed the ability to generate bomb parts and weapons.

The Change

Construction/Building Shelter

The TV show Grand Designs has had a reboot, using a brand new 3d printer in a short amount of time a home can be developed.

Next Step..What are we going to show in our channel?


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