Monday Night Curse Part 3 (One Day Brief)

Having our dicks handed to us would be an understatement for what happened at 4:00pm.

We where ready to present, having completed the brief and ticked off everything needed at 4 we thought things would go smoothly. A couple of group presented before us and had been given ideal feedback to help them improve there ideas.

Sam Jones took control of our presentation, talking through the majority of it he had represented a good understanding of what we where trying to get across. Covering the process we had gone through to come to the final logo, explaining about what we wanted to represent with our videos and the purpose of what we where trying to achieve.


I quote from Mik “I do not like this idea”. 

What he said after that is now a blur to me, a dramatic drop in the tone hit right after those words.

We have to change our idea. 

With feedback which doesn’t give a single positive outlook we must re-develop.


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