The Monday Night Curse (One Day Brief)

Do not go out on Monday nights!

When I started at Bournemouth I made a promise to myself I would not go out on Monday nights, this was due to the disappointment of having a 9am lecture on Tuesday mornings. I find it hard to go to Uni for 9 when I stay in the night before, the horror of going with a hangover would be wrong.

That Tuesday was the one mandatory day every student had to be in, it would common sense not to go to Halo the night before…

So I went to Halo…

But it was fiiiine (Isayfine,itwasnotfine), I was up and made it to my 9am.

January 2014
One Day Project 14th January 2014
The one day project is to devise a cross platform logo that works across the
following media artefacts:
1. Print – Letterhead (design mock letter) & business card
2. Small screen device – does it lose recognition on a small pixel device (mock up
site on small screen with logo in use)
3. Corner of video – how well does it show up with moving video (mock up over
sample video)
4. In a real setting eg on the side of a van, shop or mug. (mock up one or choose
your own idea)
Be prepared to talk about the issues of designing the logo – what it’s supposed to
mean, what it stands for, who it is aimed at. Discuss problems with working
across mixed media. Discuss how you arrived at your solutions.
Everybody should take part – not just the ‘designer’ as brands should have the
input of many.
Be in the studios at 4.00pm ready to present your work

The day went better then I thought, even though every moment that passed felt like my body was slowly loosing all will power the stay functioning we (Isaywe,Imeanmygroup) got on with the work.


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