The Next Story Board (Channel Brief)


Kate an overachieving technology student becomes inspired and believes she has the ability to create a piece of equipment which can generate food from air particles, her idea if made would change the world forever. When presenting her idea to a company, the company takes a turn on her ideas which she did not expect; belittling her and destroying the possibilities she thought could be generated she gets ridiculed. Resulting in her beliefs in herself being destroyed. What will happen to Kate? Will she give up on her idea and possibly not continue with her technological future? Or will she step back up and prove the company wrong?

Scene ends.

Scene One-Kate’s Childhood Bedroom

The scene slowly fades in from darkness, lighting up onto a floor panoramic of a childs bedroom. The room has children’s pictures covering the walls left to right, with a mess of colouring pencils and toys on the floor. The camera slowly flows along with the room, a desk is in camera view.

The shot changes to a closer view of the desk, the surface covered in pens and colouring drawings.

The shot changes coming closer to the pictures pinned up onto the wall, the camera followings the pictures left to right, camera clear and close.


 Scene ends.

Scene Two-Phillip Ledworth Lecture

The scene begins with over shoulder shots of a man in a suit; giving a lecture to university students on a biography of a failed designer called Phillip Ledworth (His story for-shadows the film).

The shot changes to the students watching the lecturer, Kate sitting in the middle.

The shot changes to Kate’s face.


Scene ends.

Scene Three-Kate’s Friends House

The camera follows Kate walking into a house, a friend of hers.

The shot changes to her sat on a sofa, an over the shoulder view focuses on piles of paper on a table in the middle of the room.

The shot changes to the edge of the table, with the papers in view. Kate’s face in shot.

Shot switches back to an over the shoulder view, the writing on the papers is clear.

Shot switches to side view of Kate’s face.


Scene Ends.

Scene Four-Computer Research

Animation of Computer Research on 3d Printers. Presentation Preparation.


Scene Ends.


Scene Five-The Waiting Room

Shot raises onto Kate sitting outside a door, as if in a waiting room. Camera is focused on the door, with Kate floated left to door.

Scene Ends

Scene Six-The Presentation, an unexpected turn

Shot raises to Kate standing in front of her presentation.

Shot switches to an over Kate’s shoulder view of three people sat at the end of a conference table (Business Men).

Shot switches back to Kate, tone has changed, Kate’s hopes and dreams have been crushed.


Scene ends.

Scene Seven-To Breaking Point

Side face shot of Kate walking fast down a corridor.

Back shot of Kate walking down a road, her slowly speeding up into a sprint.

Faraway side view of Kate running up to the end of a cliff face.

Back shot of Kate at cliff edge.

Kate takes her mobile out of her pocket and brings it up to her ear.

Scene ends.

Scene Eight-Revisiting The Past

Home – The childhood freak out

Finds the piece of monopoly. 


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