Clip Cut (Pre-Production)

Our main idea; an online channel that brings you the latest and exclusive content which focuses in on technological advances. Our channel includes things such as trailers and behind the scenes to the films being promoted by ClipCut. (Inspiration from things such as Vivo)



To secure a futuristic outlook through the channel, we decided to stick to a simplistic colour scheme of grey and white which also helped with our theme of technology. Not only did it achieve this theme, the


colours do not interfere with the clips and images that are also included on the channel which helps attract the audiences eye to the most important aspect of the channel. As the channel developed and more films were produced, categories

would be created on the website to keep the interface easy and quick to navigate.

After deciding to re-brand our logo, we decided to relate the logo to films in which we created two


 C’s to show Clip and Cut as well as it relating to an old fashioned film reel, by having it to a similar shape, it expresses the progress of technology through film. After experimenting with colour, we decided that using a maroon and grey looked to corporate so we decided to stick to the grey theme, which also matches the website. Picture6 Picture7

For the first scene (of our protagonists bedroom as a child) we had to create all the drawings (props) our selves.


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