Love in the Rain (Animation/Flash/Gif) Portfolio

Love in the Rain


Here is ‘Love in the Rain’…

I have had this idea ever since I saw the image of the two under the umbrella in an episode of Heroes. The power in the image caught me straight away and I wanted to bring into life… So I started simple, using flash and setting up motion tweens I began the process. Searching simple images of rain I copied and pasted until I had a nice set up. Placing a loop and export as a gif I came to this result.

I problem which came up where with sounds….I wanted to add the foully of rain, but exporting bought a problem to light. I never found out why when finishing exporting the sound didn’t play, that’s why i got to the result of the silent gif.

In a way it worked out quite nicely, quite haunting in away.

Next step is to try and give a 3D effect to the image, bringing them to life.


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