My Stories (Animation/Flash) Portfolio


Here we have the infamous Bandana boy, an idea which came to me one night after my bed had broken (completely snapped so I had to sleep on the floor). I thought why not make animations based on events in my life. Inspired by the ‘Simons Cat’ Series who really reminds me of my cat ‘Beau’.


Starting of simple I had create the young fella, the catchy name coming to me from a memory of Reading Festival wearing my red bandana I started drawing him. Eyes are always tricky for me and seeing Bandana I like to think him as a cool, careless boy. Who needs no reason to wear sunglasses, but still does.


The girl is based on Margot Robbie, Bandana Boys love interest. She needs more time to be created.

Here is the first draft of the animation I am trying to create, using the little box fella as seen for my drafts I consider him an understudy of Bandana Boy who tests out the scenes he lives in.

The next step will be to put Bandana in to the bedroom environment. My first problem which resulted in the creation of the little box character was how complicated drawing Bandana Boy over and over again would be if there was a problem with the scene. Creating a simple four sided person was a triumph for myself productivity in the process of creating the animation scene.


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