Words (Blender) Portfolio


Working with Blender my aim is create a typography piece which reflects a sort of student/blog/personal logo for myself. The brief set for myself is using text a background to betray student life for myself at the moment. Considering colour and personality I will make a piece of work which summarises my life at the moment and has a story behind it rather then just some letter.

Using Youtube videos and my work shops I am going to dable in the basics of Blender to give myself a good knowledge of how to create a nice piece of work. Below I will document my though processes and the final piece’s created. Aiming to show you my work flow and if I am improving or if I am just a lost cause and Blending.

I call this: i7246760

This is my student number, here I’m just starting off with basics; how to work around the program and how to create something. This is my first final piece, taken from the help of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiJfcZ031AY

My Aim is to use my Student number a representation of myself, the person being represented through my i number.

i7246760 One



Here I’m obviously trying to generate an ice texture effect…made me think of Festive Moments….a previous yuletide project. Basically at the moment I am experimenting with textures and colours, trying to find something which trips my inspiration.


My first attempt at a Blender animation…obviously the animation speaks for itself. An idea is coming together for me, thinking I will create a still imaged blend and also an animation type.


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