The Time Machine (Blender) Portfolio

Speaking to Simon an idea came to light….

The idea of creating my desk through blender was something which could be taken from many angles. My first idea was having an animation with the camera travelling through the objects on my desks as like a bird through a forest. This came to me due to a Blending technique called Poly.

A few people in my class where making blender animations of birds and planes flying through scenery developed in this style.

Something popped into Simons head when he was looking through my blog called The Time Machine

What about a desk which doesn’t change, but the world around does…just like in the trailer about. Something quite interesting about this concept is the different points I could take it from. Dependant on who my target audience is the scenes could be many different things. And the ways of representing it and failing experimental. Use of stop motion could be done…like so.

or I could draw it myself, giving a sereal theme to the scene. Or even just create it on Blender and work about the desk as if a Sun in a universe with the planets moving around.

Time to start getting some sketches down.


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