Inspiration (Kinetic Typography) Portfolio

5715_817 (1)



Structure is something which I want to involve immensely after learning a bit more about how to use the camera tool. An example here is the orange shapes the picture to the left. Each shape is at the different level and has a differen height and thickness. Using something similar to I can create a nice neat and clean representation of the chosen audio I would like to animate.




This video above represents what I am going to try and create using the camera tool. Each word being placed and appeared on screen to a curtain criteria, have an artistic creation method to make something beautiful and characteristic.

Below is another animation with a Doctor who theme.. with over 21,000 views I am not really 100% sure why there is so much love for this video. If I am correct the words are out of sync and it seems a bit dry, but that could just be my point of view. I am going to try a create something which has movement and personality, something amazing and good looking. Not using the white background as seen below, but like with V for Vendetta use a nice text..may a Tardis.


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