Being down in the open space there wasn’t many people walking through at the time I had chosen to set up and rumor on the DMD street was that a few of my course mates where on the second floor, so I decided to take the installation up to them and get some undergraduate feed back.


Reminds me of the abstract pictures that phychatrists show their clients “What do you see?”

The closer you get makes it feel like your walking into a portal.

The Pixels make it sometimes hard to understand what is going on in the screen. – Sil 

 As a media student, the installation’s deconstructs us into pixels as individuals, an interesting concept for me as it communicates all users of media essentially becoming products of technology. – Becky

Up Stairs

I think this piece was really interesting idea, I instantly thought of ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ when interacting with the sketch. – Bob

I’m very fond of this idea, but I don’t think you considered the size of the room enough for it to work in the way you wanted. Still a very nice piece and show’s part of you concept very well. – Alex

My thoughts on the feedback are very light hearted, it’s a shame people didn’t really understand to concept fully, but that is probably to do with the unexpected reaction with the bigger environment and the code, this will add to what I would change next time. From what I understood thought; my classmates thought the piece was really nice and a simple, but a well done manipulation of AsciiVideo this could be pushed much further.

I could image a piece of work like this being expressed in away which could be displayed in a location like a museum (Maybe Tate Modern), having an entire wall project people looking at the piece, and they see themselves is the Ascii format.


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