Final(ly) Evaluation

What I have Learnt

Throughout this project I have learnt the fundamentals of Design Iteration, going from point to point; Analyse, Design and Testing. Having been reminded of the process which I need to take when designing a piece of work and documenting it’s progress. I have also learnt parts of Processing code and how to manipulate works to portray an image I aspire. These processes have widened my knowledge of design processes and given me an insight to the lengths I need to go to to come to a final piece which works; following the track I took the development of lighting, motion and colour was expanded into and understanding of spaces, and social interacts. Touching on the knowledge I already possessed from life experiences I adapted what I was taught together to create a piece of work which questions the motion of people and the motion of life (what happens around us as people).

What I have Achieved

I achieved the adaptation of a piece of processing code which lead to me creating a digital environment that portrays the physicality that there is motion in everything, even if it can’t be seen. I developed an “Almost Particle System” which represented a particle system that allowed passers to see the environment they stood in evolve in to something which is constantly in motion. The System had a main focus on what was going on around people rather than focusing sourly on the person viewing and when a motion was performed by people the particles would react, showing that every action has a reaction. Symbolising that that there is always a cause from an effect. I also achieved a new found knowledge of depth and concept understanding, relating the two things together because of how my concept was affected due the depth of the space I was using as well as text size.

What Went Wrong

The biggest mistake I made was not taking into account how big the space was in the foyer; I had been doing all my experiments and designs in close proxemics to myself and when it lead to me setting up in Weymouth house the particles did not respond to the environment as well. The particles would not react with each other as well as when the camera was focused on something closer, and the code could not blank out the entire person when they walked past. This had a massive effect on the final piece as a whole, leading to me installing the system and changing the code as I went along, giving different interpretations of what could be used. The benefit of this was a wider knowledge of how the space was effect by the particles, giving me an insight into how cameras react to a large and small space as well as the motion of people walking by.

What I Would Change For Next Time

Next time I would write the Particle System myself from scratch, at the point of deciding to write the system my knowledge was not acute enough to create it. I would analyse the space to a proper degree and begin experimenting in either the space I would be installing in or in a similar space . I would like the Particle System I would create to react to people when they walk on screen, first starting off a showing the whole person and then them evolving into Particles. I would also do wider research in other systems which are related to particles, giving myself a wider insight into what I could have adapted my skills to leading to a better result.


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