An Independent Dorset (Reaction in a Space)

Cutting the story short,

10940501_10204803496880531_1863470089400078524_nour objective for this short project was to create a poster which is to promote an Independent Bournemouth, relating to what was going on at the time with Scotland trying to become independent.

The purpose of this was to have the poster located in Weymouth House Foyer and us to get an analyse of peoples reactions; taking into account…

  • Number of people walking through in a space of time.
  • Average time spent in Foyer.
  • Do people take notice of what is on the walls.
  • (If Yes) What do they notice to most
  1. Within a 10 minute boundary : 30+ (People who did not stop)
  2. Average time spent (Under 10 minutes) mostly groups
  3. The main sight focus was the long strip of screens and the space between the two lifts.

This short hand information influenced the location which my group placed our poster.

In the middle of the two lifts, just above the button

The Space –v–

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 16.41.28 Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 16.41.20

A little bit about the poster 

Here what we are trying to get across is the fundamentals of a jigsaw puzzle, this originated from an idea I had when I was thinking of the little cartoons you get in Newspapers. I thought what would be funny is if you had a member of the Monach (The Queen) hunched over a table trying to complete a puzzle of the United Kingdom, but the piece for Dorset would not fit (Always a problem when you’re trying to to a puzzle). This developed on and with a short amount of time on our hands this is what came to us. 

–v–The Results

We presented this version to our seminar group and we were met with positive comments about the imagery of the poster and how it brings to light the situation of an independent Dorset however we did get some criticisms. The criticism was aimed at the slogan/tag line ‘Un puzzle Dorset’ as it came off as rather attacking to people as well as giving of the idea that Dorset was the problem as needed to be removed for the United Kingdom’s sake. From this feedback, we as a group decided that we should come up with a better slogan/tag line for our poster – in the end we decided that ‘Some Pieces aren’t meant to fit’ was fitting. – Shaun Skeen

People did notice our poster when it was located between the lifts, but it wouldn’t get many long looked observations so we did have to push for people’s response.

GROUP 1 6 0 6 10 NO YES
GROUP 2 8 0 4 20 YES NO
GROUP 3 1 1 1 2 NO YES
GROUP 4 2 1 2 10 NO YES
GROUP 5 2 0 0 5 NO YES

Processing Relevance

Here I have been given a brief knowledge of how to present my Processing piece when I put it in the open space, with the information gained it should hopefully benefit to results.

  • Make pieces bigger.
  • Add an eye catching design.
  • Something which people can relate to ‘Participatory Culture’
  • Interesting
  • Nothing Offensive

Concepts…A designer who writes essays

Having just gone through writing an essay for my ‘Cross Media Creativity Perspective’ my brain is filled with what I would call ‘MindBlowingChaos‘ ‘Concept Overload’; working with ‘Participatory Culture’.

Extract from my ‘Cross Media Creativity’ Essay – Focusing on the ‘Doctor Who’ Phenomenon

“Through out this course my position in the cross media sphere has been enhanced; coming into the perspective from a ‘Digital Media Design’ view my knowledge of Cross Media Creativity has expanded to more than just the knowledge of tablets, computers and phones. Being taught that cross media creativity is more that just viewing media on a screen I have learnt that the use of re-inventing a franchise in your own way is part of this perspective. When thinking about productions like Doctor Who I would always consider the show to be running on its own power; the cast and crew creating the show in parallel with the audience enjoyment in the phenomena. This reflects an understanding of the power fluctuations between the creator and consumer. This having a huge role to play with such a big phenomena cross media creativity brings the audience and what they love watching together and allows opportunities to be part of it. This unit has impacted on my future media consumption; a guilty pleasure of mine is watching Doctor Who fan made trailers and now when watching them I don’t just view what someone has created; I view why they have created it that way, what are they trying to say and how could this effect the entirety of Doctor Who. To come with future projects I will now always take into account how it will be consumed and what production values may effect my inspirations. Throughout the unit the learning curve has been hard, but enjoyable giving me an eagerness to learn how much wider the scale goes with Cross Media Creativity.”

Above is an example of my own interpretation of ‘Participatory Culture’, this created by me in First year.

Taking this theory concept in to context I am going analyse a way of ‘maybe’ incorporating it into my Processing piece; taking a Phenomena in the world and manipulating it into a work.



Italy: Social Acceptable Touching

Anna Troisi is taking our lecture today; advised by Liam to take us into the world of her work.

  • Communicating an idea to someone who wants you to work for them Anna explains that there is a benefit to logging emails and interactions with the client.
  • The explanation of your ideas is incredibly important; having the abstract describe the philosophical rather then the structured content of the work.


In Italy it is described that interaction with people are more socially acceptable than in the UK; Italians touching each other much more than lets say the British do.

A project Anna is creating inspired by here recognition of this (her moving the UK) is explained through smart phones;

“Said that you would touch smart phones more then you touch girls”

Inspiring a project; here she used her personal experience to start the bases of an idea…not necessarily leading to anything at the time, but for future reference she has logged it maybe to come back too.

Talk to me Digital Art

  •  Violet is the latest result in artificial intelligence, which can reproduce the capabilities of the human brain with greater speed and accuracy.
  • She is an artificial linguistic entity. Activated at Derby, on 27/02/1985. Her instructor was none. He taught her to sing a song.
  • You can type in questions and the Ai will answer them to the best of her ability.

Looking into the project that Anna has assisted on I find it very interesting, the work which goes into Ai systems is incredibly innovative and one day may stretch to huge lengths.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is an academic field of study which studies the goal of creating intelligence.”

Media Histories

Today started with my usual 2 hour media lecture. This is when all media students from every approach joins together in kg01 (250 people) and listens to a Media Theory based lecture. 

Developing Arguments – Lecture 2: Media Histories

Each media subject had a specific 10 minute lecture each, spoken from one tutor based in each stood out the most compared to all the others. This was Liam Birtles; my DMD specific subject tutor, this wasn’t due to me being bias because he is my tutor, he genuinely was far more engaging then any of the other lecturers. I learnt more in his (to be approximate) 6 minutes on the floor then the other 114 minutes spent in kg01. His immediate enthusiasm hit, first order of business from him was a request; everyone to take out their phones and record him. He continued…

 “There isn’t actually a digital media history, it actually hasn’t happened or finished forming” – Liam Birtles

 We had just spent the past hour being lectured on Media Histories and here he is; telling us that he believes “it hasn’t happened..” Immediately he has got the students attention. 


 The purpose of everyone forming together to record him is to create a piece of digital media history because at that specific time of pressing the record button the creation begins. 


This piece of recording is going in to a digital medium, it is being placed into a digital pot..currently at that time it would stay locally on the device, but it is part of a forming digital media history, when it gets uploaded later on, onto another device it beings it’s journey. Even right now as I write I am telling the history of how we created this digital media.


Doing this process of recording, I can take a step back and actually look at the components which make digital media history; my mobile phone. Medium defined by tools.


Digital media has a legacy of filming. History implies time… When did digital media history start? We look back and explain about the tools used and the mediums, but with digital media the tools are changing all the time, there is no point of status. The way technology has performed in the past five years is ecstatic; we are using touch screens now which five years ago just wasn’t possible. That is the tools and the medium being redefined as we go, making time, but when is the history happening? An explanation; looking at a video going a million frames per second. When did the history happen? 

An inspiring development to my thoughts has transpired, this is through a new outlook on time. Using a camera to record we are given an ability to control time. Talking to a camera lenses you are given the power to say hello to the future; the people who will watch the recording. Even when you are looking at the recording in the future that is yourself looking into the past, travelling back through time to see what happened again and again. The way technology has developed has allowed us to even slow down time; Liam bought up ‘The Matrix’ the bullet time scene…

This is a key example of the excess advances in technology allowing no time for status, the question is; How far could this go? Maybe I’ve found myself an essay….