Ascii Art (Design)

Video ascii art is areal time post processing effect that will transform any video into ASCII art. The effect is created in a shader and use Kickjs engine. You can see the ASCII shader in action on

Jan 25, 2015 19:15This is a lovely example of what someone has done to adapt the Ascii Video to be easily used by other users, simply uploading a video it will develop it to be produced with letters, the main feature of a Ascii.  To me when I look at this I am getting an impression of particles, the slight movements that the letters are making looks like the way I want to particles to react in an image, the only problem being that I think the image is too clear here, you can clearly see what is happening and I don’t want that to be the case. I want people to react to what is being displayed and try and disrupt it.

Here below is what I am working with, I have used my phone as an example of the way the camera and code react to the colours to change them into letters. I’ve added the code below.

Jan 25, 2015 19:38

* ASCII Video
* by Ben Fry.
* Text characters have been used to represent images since the earliest computers.
* This sketch is a simple homage that re-interprets live video as ASCII text.
* See the keyPressed function for more options, like changing the font size.


Capture video;
boolean cheatScreen;

// All ASCII characters, sorted according to their visual density
String letterOrder =
" .`-_':,;^=+/"|)\<>)iv%xclrs{*}I?!][1taeo7zjLu" +
char[] letters;

float[] bright;
char[] chars;

PFont font;
float fontSize = 1.5;
void setup() {
size(640, 480);

// This the default video input, see the GettingStartedCapture
// example if it creates an error
video = new Capture(this, 160, 120);

// Start capturing the images from the camera

int count = video.width * video.height;

font = loadFont("UniversLTStd-Light-48.vlw");

// for the 256 levels of brightness, distribute the letters across
// the an array of 256 elements to use for the lookup
letters = new char[256];
for (int i = 0; i < 256; i++) {
int index = int(map(i, 0, 256, 0, letterOrder.length()));
letters[i] = letterOrder.charAt(index);

// current characters for each position in the video
chars = new char[count];

// current brightness for each point
bright = new float[count];
for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) {
// set each brightness at the midpoint to start
bright[i] = 128;
void captureEvent(Capture c) {;
void draw() {


float hgap = width / float(video.width);
float vgap = height / float(video.height);

scale(max(hgap, vgap) * fontSize);
textFont(font, fontSize);

int index = 0;
for (int y = 1; y < video.height; y++) {

// Move down for next line
translate(0, 1.0 / fontSize);

for (int x = 0; x < video.width; x++) {
int pixelColor = video.pixels[index];
// Faster method of calculating r, g, b than red(), green(), blue()
int r = (pixelColor >> 16) & 0xff;
int g = (pixelColor >> 8) & 0xff;
int b = pixelColor & 0xff;

// Another option would be to properly calculate brightness as luminance:
// luminance = 0.3*red + 0.59*green + 0.11*blue
// Or you could instead red + green + blue, and make the the values[] array
// 256*3 elements long instead of just 256.
int pixelBright = max(r, g, b);

// The 0.1 value is used to damp the changes so that letters flicker less
float diff = pixelBright - bright[index];
bright[index] += diff * 0.1;

int num = int(bright[index]);
text(letters[num], 0, 0);

// Move to the next pixel

// Move over for next character
translate(1.0 / fontSize, 0);

if (cheatScreen) {
//image(video, 0, height - video.height);
// set() is faster than image() when drawing untransformed images
set(0, height - video.height, video);
* Handle key presses:
* 'c' toggles the cheat screen that shows the original image in the corner
* 'g' grabs an image and saves the frame to a tiff image
* 'f' and 'F' increase and decrease the font size
void keyPressed() {
switch (key) {
case 'g': saveFrame(); break;
case 'c': cheatScreen = !cheatScreen; break;
case 'f': fontSize *= 1.1; break;
case 'F': fontSize *= 0.9; break;


This piece of code relates to my general idea to the best that I can find, the position I am in now is take the sketches I have created and the concept idea I have and manipulate this piece of work to the fashion I want it to represent. Lets get drawing.