The Time Machine (Blender) Portfolio

Speaking to Simon an idea came to light….

The idea of creating my desk through blender was something which could be taken from many angles. My first idea was having an animation with the camera travelling through the objects on my desks as like a bird through a forest. This came to me due to a Blending technique called Poly.

A few people in my class where making blender animations of birds and planes flying through scenery developed in this style.

Something popped into Simons head when he was looking through my blog called The Time Machine

What about a desk which doesn’t change, but the world around does…just like in the trailer about. Something quite interesting about this concept is the different points I could take it from. Dependant on who my target audience is the scenes could be many different things. And the ways of representing it and failing experimental. Use of stop motion could be done…like so.

or I could draw it myself, giving a sereal theme to the scene. Or even just create it on Blender and work about the desk as if a Sun in a universe with the planets moving around.

Time to start getting some sketches down.


Cup of Thoughts (Blender) Portfolio

Just created with help from this video

An idea is coming to mind….


…..the main aspect of my life at the moment is my desk in my uni house. My desk is my life and holds home to everything I need and use to create my art. What if I created my desk….A perfect representation of my personality and life..

Words (Blender) Portfolio


Working with Blender my aim is create a typography piece which reflects a sort of student/blog/personal logo for myself. The brief set for myself is using text a background to betray student life for myself at the moment. Considering colour and personality I will make a piece of work which summarises my life at the moment and has a story behind it rather then just some letter.

Using Youtube videos and my work shops I am going to dable in the basics of Blender to give myself a good knowledge of how to create a nice piece of work. Below I will document my though processes and the final piece’s created. Aiming to show you my work flow and if I am improving or if I am just a lost cause and Blending.

I call this: i7246760

This is my student number, here I’m just starting off with basics; how to work around the program and how to create something. This is my first final piece, taken from the help of this video

My Aim is to use my Student number a representation of myself, the person being represented through my i number.

i7246760 One



Here I’m obviously trying to generate an ice texture effect…made me think of Festive Moments….a previous yuletide project. Basically at the moment I am experimenting with textures and colours, trying to find something which trips my inspiration.


My first attempt at a Blender animation…obviously the animation speaks for itself. An idea is coming together for me, thinking I will create a still imaged blend and also an animation type.